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vinyl fencingVinyl fencing is affordable, beautiful, and durable.  Vinyl fencing is taking Jacksonville by storm. Vinyl Fencing is a fencing option that is stronger than wood yet cheaper than iron. Better yet, it is eco-friendly! Vinyl is made from elements which are derived from naturally occurring products ensuring that is both easy to reuse and recycle and completely safe. Making vinyl fences one of the most environmentally conscious types of fencing.


The major benefit of vinyl fencing is their flexibility and durability. Vinyl fencing is able to bend and shift without breaking allowing it to stand up to the occasional adverse Florida weather conditions. It is also remarkably resistant to the salt water that so often eats away at other coastal fencing. Vinyl fencing and gates are great for yards when there are unwanted animals roaming the neighborhood as well because vinyl is a material they can’t chew through.


But the durability of vinyl goes even one step further! It is low maintenance. With an easy to clean surface and a color that won’t change or fade, your vinyl fencing will look as good as the day it was installed 5, 10 15+ years later.


Non-toxic, affordable and easy to install, you’ll save money while getting a fence that will stand up to Florida conditions and serve you well. While vinyl fences may not need repairs for a long time, when it does happen, the process can be complicated. Trust it to the company that has you in mind. From start to finish, we will make the process simple and the service respectful. We will get our job done well, efficiently and with a commitment that is simply unmatched in Jacksonville.


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