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Batting Cages are very popular with everyone

Jax Fence Depot has installed custom chain link fencing for owners of many different styles of projects. Everything from straightforward runs to more complex structures designed for baseball, golf and other sports venues. Our installation methods and quality conscious fence manufacturing shop team ensure that your fencing is installed 100% correctly, and will remain functioning for years.

Chain link fencing has been around in the United States since 1891, and even earlier in England, where it was invented. It hasn’t changed dramatically in over 120 years and chain link fencing is still a very popular and cost-effective way to provide needed security or protection to your property. If security is your main reason for a fence installation, then the chain link fencing can be topped with either razor wire or barbed wire. Chain link fencing is also durable and easy to maintain since it is made of galvanized steel – known as galvanized chain link fencing. If aesthetics is a concern, there are many colorful options available in vinyl-coated chain link fencing which is coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Regardless of why you are installing fencing, the property behind the fencing will need to have an access route for entry. Chain Link Fencing Entry gate options can be customized and tailored to your specific situation. Automatic gate operators can be keypad/RF controlled or operated by a person overseeing access. Chain Link Fence Gate sizing can also be customized – Jax Fence Depot has built gates sized from pedestrian walk gates to extra wide entry sized custom gates.



Where would baseball diamonds be without the chain link backstop?

Jax Fence Depot offers an array of sports fencing systems designed for athletic field applications including:

  • Basketball court fencing
  • Baseball backstops, batters eye and outfield fencing
  • Tennis court fences
  • Golf and soccer netting systems
  • And a broad range of other sports fencing.

We have vast installation experience, and custom built custom chain link fencing to fit your needs. Whether you’re a municipality or a private sports club looking for fencing, Jax Fence Depot is your best choice.

We have installed athletic chain link fencing using custom chain link fence designs for many of our clients in Northeast Florida. A properly designed fence system serves the dual purpose of protecting the viewing public and surrounding property and creating boundaries for the sports being played.

The chain link fencing used in sports fencing have available options that are specific to its use. For instance, tennis court chain link fencing is usually vinyl-coated fencing in a dark color and a special mesh; this provides increased contrast for spotting the tennis balls. There are privacy options available as well; these not only offer privacy for the players but also help with controlling any visual distractions during play. Slats can be woven into the chain link fencing, or privacy screening can also be attached to the lower portion of the fencing.

Athletic field chain link fencing presents a unique challenge for the installer. In many cases, the fencing is much taller than the average six to an eight-foot range and requires an experienced fence company which understands how to engineer a long-lasting and safe installation in the Florida area. Jax Fence Depot has been designing and installing athletic field chain link fencing for a number of years. Please contact us for help with the design of your project; our team will make your job easier.


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