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Automatic Gate equipmentEven the most secure fencing system is only as effective as its entry points. You wouldn’t skimp on the lock quality on the front door to your home – the same attention is as important on the entry points of your fence. Gates, whether vehicular or pedestrian, are the most vulnerable points of your fence, so they need a professional design from a knowledgeable fence builder.

Because of continual use, fence gates need to be engineered for durability, not just looks.   Jax Fence Depot has the experience and facilities required to construct a gate that will last for many years. We have made gates for all types of fencing; woodvinyl, aluminum, and chain link, right in our warehouse. Our facility is large enough and well-equipped to handle even the largest commercial gate and fencing projects.

Empire Fence has the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best gate operating system for home, driveway or commercial building. We carry or build, and install the following:

  • Motorized Gate Systems for Driveways
  • Automatic Gate Operators
  • Automatic Entrance Gates
  • Residential Gate Operators & Residential Automatic Gates
  • Solar Powered Sliding Gate Openers

Automatic Gate equipment


  • Single/Double: This gate slides on wheels and a track and runs parallel to the fence line.  Commercial clients often use these when there is a lot of traffic in and out. The design of these gates lends to their durability. The counterweighting of the fence makes them easier to operate, taking stress off the motor. Cantilever Slide Gates is a specialty slide gate that does NOT no ground track. These trucks are recommended to use when you have heavy 18 wheelers or snow to prevent ruining or tearing up your ground track.
  • Slide Gates with Ground Track: These types of gates are 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep concrete with an inverted V steel angle embedded in the concreted.Swing Gate – A swing gate is designed so the panels of the gate swing in (or out). This option works equally well for commercial or residential projects. If a single gate is too large, then it would be designed as two opening panels, like a French door in a home. Because the panels need clearance to open, this model only works where space isn’t an issue, and this type of gate operator generally opens faster and is less expensive than a slide gate.
  • Automatic Gate Options – All gate opener options come with remote/automatic opening availability. Typically, the entry from the outside is controlled by an RF transmitter, just like your home garage door opener. Or, it can be accessed through a code on a keypad, which is a better operation for more transient users, such as a storage facility. Once the codes are out of the system, they no longer work.  When leaving the property, magnetic sensors that are inlaid in the pavement near the gate allows it to open (free exit) as soon as the vehicle rolls over them. All automatic openers can also be controlled by an on-site security person when that is the protocol. Some openers combine battery with solar power for remote locations where there is no power supply available.


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