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Automatic gate operators allow you to enter your home or property and are important for security. One of the biggest hassles is having to get in and out of your vehicle to manually open the gate, especially in bad weather. Jax Fence Depot supplies both Commercial and Residential clients with reliable automatic gate operators. For years, we have been installing automatic gate operators throughout Northeast Florida for clients that need the convenience of quickly getting in and out of their property.

Through the years, we have tested many automatic gate operators that were on the market. Our goal was to find automatic gate operators that are durable, reliable and priced for the best value. allowing for any application that you need an automatic gate operator for. From small path gates to driveway gates to industrial site gates, we have an automatic gate operator system that will open and close your gates perfectly.



The installation of an automatic gate operator has many residential and commercial benefits. Some of those benefits include:-

  • No Need to Get Out of Your Car or Truck To Open The Gate
  • Added Security
  • The Ability to Let Certain People In and Out of the Property
  • Can Be Controlled With a Key Pad or RemoteCan Monitor
  • Who Goes In and Out of a Property
  • Variety of Telephone Entry Systems
  • There are Many Accessories That Can Come With Automatic Gate Operators

To ensure that you get the proper automatic gate operator for your home or business, one of our technicians will come to your home or business and access the needs that you have. We will talk about the goals that you desire with a new automatic gate operator and show you the high-quality products that we offer. Once an automatic gate operator is decided on, our staff will professionally install it for you.


If you’re ready to take the first step toward your brand new automatic gate operator click here and get your free quote! If you’re not sure whether an automatic gate operator is right for you, or you have questions about your fencing needs, we can help with that also.

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